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A1313 Carl C. Holzapfel concert guitar, circa 1917 ...A beautifully preserved 0-sized concert guitar, signed and dated on the underside of the top - "Carl C. Holzapfel, Balto. MD, 1917".  Spruce top, rosewood sides and back. The radiused ebony fingerboard has a nut width is 1 7/8", the scale length is 24 3/4". The three pearl position markers are new additions. One repaired top brace and one repaired back brace. New replacement tuning machines. This is a very light weight, x-braced guitar and it has an amazingly loud, resonant voice!.  $3850.00  MP3

A1312 "Westbrook" labeled Stella concert guitar, circa 1937 ...We have seen several O. Schmidt-made Westbrook guitars over the years, And all of them were made in the mid to late 1930s. This example has all solid birch construction, 1 3/4" nut width, 24 3/4" scale and a D-shaped neck profile. One repaired hairline crack on the top and one on the back. Straight neck and fresh neck reset assures very comfortable action. We felt this little guitar was just a bit too much of a "Plain Jane", so we added some facsimile "Gambler" decals just to dress it up a bit. I want to emphasize that this is NOT an original, model 5024-Gambler. However, it is a cool looking, great sounding, easy playing little Stella. Comes with the original chipboard case. $795.00  MP3

A1311 1951 Stella 922 12-string guitar, by Harmony ...Extremely rare example with early round body shape! Although the Harmony catalog showed a photograph of a guitar like this one until 1964, the body shape was changed shortly after this guitar was made. This is the first and only round body 922 that I have come across, after 20 years of searching!  This guitar has a fat neck with rosewood fingerboard and sports an ebonized hardwood bridge. It has an all solid birch construction.. It has a scale length of 25” and nut width of 2 1/16”. There are several very small repaired cracks on back and one on top. Original finish has no touchups or over-spray. New tuning machines and recent neck reset. Comes with a 1930s era hard-shell case.  $2500.00   MP3

A1310 1961 Gibson B45-12 12-string guitar ...This is a very rare instrument!  There were only 77 of these “slope shoulder” Gibson B45-12’s made in 1961 – the first year of production for Gibson’s 12-string guitars. The following year Gibson abandoned the slope shoulder body design for their jumbo 12-string,  instead favoring the more squared off body shape of the  newly introduced “Hummingbird” model. These earliest “slope shoulder” Gibson 12-strings are lightly braced and have superior volume and sustain. This example is in excellent all original condition. Hairline cracks on the top have been repaired and cleated. The cherry sunburst finish is in excellent shape with no touch-ups or over-spray. The 1961 Gibson B45-12 is an exceptional instrument! It comes with a hard-shell case.  $3800.00    video

A1309 Carl C. Holzapfel 12-string guitar, circa 1930 ...Extremely rare! Holzapfel 12-strings are highly prized and rank with the best Oscar Schmidt Stella jumbo 12-strings.  In terms of both tone and volume, they are unsurpassed. The spruce top is bordered with herringbone purfling and has a matching herringbone rosette. Scale length is 25 ¼”, nut width is 1 7/8”.  Our example is excellent condition and suffers none of the damages often seen on guitars of this age.  There are no cracks, neck set is excellent and the original finish has no touchups or overspray. Like all Holzapfel 12-strings, it has a radiused fingerboard, zero fret, a very fat neck and three wood screws on the bridge. It comes with a new hard-shell case.           SOLD    video

A1308 1953 Gibson LG-1 ...This is a very sweet little, one owner guitar with a rich history. It belonged to the late June Becker, an entertainer who carried this guitar with her to perform with the USO for GI’s during the Korean War. The sunburst spruce top is nearly as shiny as the day it was made over 60 years ago! It has several repaired/cleated cracks, has a recent neck reset, and new Kluson tuning machines. Very little fret wear and no noticeable playing wear. This guitar had a distinguished career on stage, but does a good job of hiding its age! It plays like butter and sounds sweet and loud! Comes with a period chipboard case.     $1850.00   MP3

A1307 C. F. Martin 2-17, 1927 ...A rare and lovely little guitar from Martin’s “Golden Era”.  Crack-free all mahogany body with rosewood binding around the top, attractive multi-ply wood rosette, 1 13/16” nut width, 24 ¼’ scale. For such a diminutive instrument to have such a string voice will amaze you! Comes with a non-original chipboard case. $2500.00   MP3

A1306 Hauver “Barbecue Bob” 12-string guitar – brand new! …Spruce top, mahogany sides, back and neck. This is a very handsome instrument: fingerboard and pyramid bridge are ebony with black binding and triple ring herringbone rosette. Scale is 26 ½”, neck width is 1 7/8”. All of Mike’s guitars are works of art and this one’s no exception. It sounds as good as it looks! And it plays ever so easy! Comes with custom Cedar Creek hard-shell case.  $3000.00   MP3

 A1305 Nick Lucas Special by Mike Hauver – brand new!…A 2014 14-fret version with an Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck. Typical Hauver construction with adjustable truss rod and two carbon fiber reinforcements. 1 ¾” nut width. Very light weight construction. This is one of the best sounding, easiest playing “Nick Lucas” guitars I have ever played! A joy to play and even more of a joy to hear! Comes with a new hard-shell case. $3600.00   MP3

A1304 Harmony 1270 12-string guitar, circa 1964 ...Excellent condition with no cracks and minimal wear. Spruce top, mahogany sides back and neck - solid woods throughout. This model hit the market in 1963 and was first cataloged in 1964. Our example, stamped S-64, was one of the first 1270's to come with a hinged tailpiece. We always like the earlier style, so we swapped it for an original 2-legged tailpiece as was shown in the 1964 Harmony catalog.  The bridge has been replaced with a slightly smaller one from a Harmony Stella 12-string. Neck has recently been reset. Huge sound, easy to play! This guitar has it all! Comes with a nice older hard-shell case.  $1195.00    MP3

A1302 Henry L Mason 12-string Guitar, circa 1940 ...This rare bird was made by Harmony for the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company. When found, this guitar had already been amateurishly refinished all black. After some wet sanding, the finish actually looked okay - that is to say "a lot better than when I first saw it!" To save having to strip and refinish the whole guitar again, I decided it to leave well enough alone. It still needed something to set it off visually. So to "spruce" it up (forgive the pun) I applied a decal that I made using a scan taken from an old Stella Piano Mandolette. This guitar has a spruce top, birch sides and back. Original tuning machines work well and the original studded nickel  plated tailpiece is in fine condition. Fingerboard and bridge are new. This is a very light weight guitar with a very large voice! Comes with a period (original?) faux alligator chipboard case. $1195.00      MP3

A1296 National Style-1 Tenor Guitar, circa 1928 ...Very rare single cone version - the majority were tri-cone instruments. A few very minor dimples (way too insignificant to be called dents), otherwise excellent original condition. The serial number: 661 identifies this instrument's year of manufacture as being 1928. The headstock has the National shield logo and the original planetary tuning machines are in excellent working order. The neck is straight and plays easily in all registers. The sound it produces makes me wish I could play tenor, because the tone it produces is absolutely sublime! The original hard-shell case is on very good condition.  $2250.00 

A1288 "Silvertone" Jumbo Guitar ...Sears & Roebuck's version of the Harmony Sovereign model 1260. Shaded spruce top, mahogany sides and back. Top and back are crack-free, two small repaired side cracks. Neck reset and new 2-way adjustable truss rod installed. This guitar plays great and has a really big sound! And utterly astounding when played with a flat pick!! Comes with new hard-shell case. $875.00   MP3

A1284 A. Galiano Grand Concert Guitar, circa 1930s ... This guitar was hand built, most likely by Antonio Cerrito. It has a red spruce top. Sides and back are convincingly faux-finished to simulate rosewood. The interior surface is stained almost black, making identification of the species of wood used for the sides and back difficult. We think it is most likely birch. Overall excellent original condition with one repaired top crack next to the fingerboard extension on the treble side. The nut width is 1 3/4" and scale is 26", the neck profile is a D shape. Body width is 14 7/8" across the lower bout. Original rosewood bridge, new bone saddle has been reset at an angle (compensated) for improved intonation. New tuning machines. Recent neck reset. Comes with original chipboard case.  $2195.00     MP3


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